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Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts obtained by careful steam distillation, cold pressing and/or resin tapping.

In essence they are the life of the plant, the essential oil protects the plant in a similar way to how it supports our bodies. You know when you snap a plant and little droplets form on the surface? That’s essential oil. It’s the immune system of the plant coming to it’s rescue. The same thing happens when we use Essential Oils in or on our own bodies. We can then benefit from these oils just as our bodies benefit from plants in other ways.

We will chat more about the science of how essential oils work soon!

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Young living is the ONLY essential oil company in the world that own their own farms and distill their own oils.

This means they are the only company that can 100% guarantee that what the bottle says on the label is what is inside the bottle (and NOTHING else). They don’t buy from oil brokers, they don’t source ingredients from external places.

Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee, which means that from the moment the seed is planted in the ground, until the moment the seal is secured on the bottle of oil, Young Living are overseeing the entire planting, growing, harvesting, distilling, and bottling process.

Young Living embraces rigorous quality control standard that includes multiple in-house and third party testing to help ensure their products meet strict specifications. And their members get the best, most pure essential oils on the market.

For this reason they are the world leader in Essential Oils (just ask Siri 😊) and not only produce the highest quality essential oils but they also focus on protecting our planet by not over farming (this is why sometimes a certain oil will be out of stock – preserving the land is of the upmost importance and there are no exceptions made). I for one love this aspect of Young Living and it is one of the many reasons I chose them over other oil companies in the market.

And knowing these oils aren't filled with any synthetic fillers, they aren't distilled using chemicals or watered down with other carrier oils means that I trust these oils on myself and my family. They are a company you can trust with the health of your family and to me there is nothing more important. Finding a natural way to support our health has been something I am so thankful for.

04 Why we need to detox our homes.jpg

Young Living have a lot more than essential oils - they are a lifestyle brand that provides non-toxic household and personal care items; things like washing liquid, soaps, shampoos, toothpaste, make up, baby products, supplements and the list goes on.

The truth is that a lot of the products on our shelves today are full of toxic chemicals that are effecting our health, our immunity, our hormones and our skin. We're setting ourselves up for serious long term effects from using chemical products.

Even before finding Young Living I was using a ‘clean’ household cleaner from the health food store that I assumed was safe for me and my family. It wasn’t until I actually looked up every ingredient on the bottle that I found out that some of them were level TEN carcinogens, which are cancer causing chemicals.

Our bodies are being overloaded with synthetic fragrance which can be made up of anywhere from 1-300 different toxic chemicals and companies are NOT REQUIRED to put these chemicals on the labels – it truly is shocking.

So by switching over to essential oils and products made with them (instead of synthetic fragrance) you are doing the best thing for your health and the health of your loved ones. By ditching the toxins and switching to natural and truly clean products you can make sure your home is clean and your family’s health is supported – all using Young Living (and not having to shop at 1000 different stores and buying 100 different brands that may or may not be as green and clean as they appear).

My goal with sharing Young Living is to get toxic cleaning products out of every home in Australia. I know that just switching out these products will have a massive positive impact on our health.

So, how to Essential Oils work?

So millions of people all over the world use essential oils every day to support their emotions, muscles, respiratory system, heart, skin, hormones...and the list goes on. But HOW do essential oils work exactly? Why can you put peppermint on your temples and relieve head tension? Why can lavender or Frankincense in the diffuser in your child’s room help them sleep through the night?

Brain scans show that just by inhaling essential oils the limbic system of the brain is stimulated. The limbic system of our brain is the part that plays a role in emotions, behaviours and long term memory. The limbic system also plays a role in controlling some unconscious physiological functions, such as breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. So by accessing this part of our brain we can help support our bodies in many different ways.

Also essential oils are very unique molecularly; they are extremely small and because of their tiny size they are able to pass the blood brain barrier, this enables them to go where other things cannot and so do the important work that other things are unable to do.

Here is a short snippet of a video by Dr Carla Green that shows brain scans before and after inhaling essential oils to deal with sleep, stress and to help with relaxation.

Although I have felt and experienced these things personally it is wonderful to see a brain scan and be able to see a visual representation of that feeling.

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There are a few different ways you can use and experience essential oils.

Personally, I like to use all three methods all throughout the day. I'll wake up in the morning and use essential oils on my skin, then put them into the diffuser. I like to drink citrus essential oils in my water throughout the day (hello immunity!) and keep applying oils to my pulse points. At night, I'll take a capsule full of immunity boosting (and sleep inducing) oils.

Here are the three ways you can use essential oils:

Aromatically – You can breathe in the oils directly from the bottle or use a Young Living diffuser to distribute essential oil particles into the air. I like to apply oils to my chest so that I can breathe them in through the day, plus there are always multiple diffusers running in my house.

Topically – Many essential oils are safe and beneficial to use directly on your skin. I add oils to my skin care routine for healthy, glowing skin. We apply lavender on a cut or graze to help with pain management and healing. I also use my favourite essential oils in place of a perfume (which can often include hormone disrupting chemicals).

Internally – You can add essential oils to a drink or food (peppermint chocolate bliss balls?) or place them into a capsule and to take like any other supplement. There are really so many ways to utilise essential oils in your cooking and also to help support your body. (Young Living have a “Vitality” range which have been approved by the FDA as safe to ingest)

I just want to clarify that Young Living are the only essential oils that you should ingest. Other companies won’t tell you where their oils come from, they aren’t safe to ingest (or use at all).

07 Where to start.jpg

Grabbing what is called a Starter Kit is how you get started with Young Living.

The most common and popular kit and how I got started is called the “Premium Starter Kit” and we encourage people to get started this way for a few key reasons;

  1. This kit is 50% off = Great value

  2. It’s the most practical - Getting 11 of the most used oils AND a diffuser means you can get started straight away for a very low cost. It also means you have a natural first aid kit right from the start 🙌🏼

  3. It’s the “key” to accessing Young Living products and oils for wholesale price forever! Once you have a kit everything from then on is wholesale price (there are no member fees or monthly minimum spends to keep this)

So what’s in the kit exactly?.....

  • 5 single oils (one ingredient only)

  • 6 blends (oils that have a mix of more than one plant in the bottle)

  • Diffuser – your choice! 

  • Extra goodies (hand sanitzer, Ningxia Red, roller ball, Thieves Household Cleaner)

Let’s get into the oils and how you can use them for you and your family!

08 LEMON.jpg


  • Fresh & uplifting – great in the diffuser each morning

  • Great for your skin when taken internally

  • Energising when diffused

  • Amazing for cellular health and supporting your bodies natural functions. Add a drop to your morning water 👍

  • Get rid of sticky residue (stickers and labels)

  • Cut through grease (add it to your home made cleaners!)



  • Grounding and known as a spiritual oil

  • Great for focus

  • Boosts immunity

  • INCREDIBLE for the health of every cell in your body

  • Amazing skin support! Bye bye wrinkles (add to your moisturiser or roll straight onto problem areas - I do this every morning!)

  • One of the most medically studied oils on the planet - it’s a powerhouse!



  • Naturally cooling (dilute with coconut oil and put a drop on the back of your neck if you are over heating or feeling under the wellness line)

  • Great for head tension – just a tiny bit far back on your temples for relief

  • Wonderfull for circulation and digestive support

  • Tastes amazing in a hot chocolate or to flavour sweets

  • Amazing for fresh breath

  • Uplifting in the diffuser when you are finding it hard to get started in the morning



  • Incredibly calming, comforting and relaxing

  • Add to the diffuser for a great night sleep for you or little ones

  • Great for cuts, scrapes and bug bites

  • Cleansing to the skin, good for blemishes.

  • Sniffle and respiratory support

  • Lavender is the 'everything oil' - it's one I can't live without

  • Make a relaxing linen spray (100ml spray bottle = add 6 drops lavender, ½ tsp witch hazel and fill with water)

12 COPAIBA.jpg


  • Supports the body’s natural response to inflammation when applied topically

  • Calming, securing and grounding when diffused

  • Supports healthy skin

  • Soothes teething gums - this is a mum's best friend!

  • Rub into areas of discomfort on your body (great to mix with Panaway)

  • Take internally to aid with internal inflammation

  • Add 4-6 drops to ½ cup Epsom salts and soak in a bath to relax after a strenuous workout (or a day with your kids…)

  • Acts as an amplifier oil, and when combines with other essential oils, it may enhance their benefits


  • PEAK gut health

  • Boosts immunity from the inside out

  • Feeling bloated? Tummy discomfort after eating? This is your oil 🙌🏼 Just apply a drop to your stomach and rub it in

  • Rich in antioxidants

  • Balances healthy gut bacteria

  • Cleanses your body by supporting your bodies natural digestive function

14 PANAWAY.jpg


  • Muscle relief - great for those uncomfortable days post work-out

  • Targets tension with instant relief

  • Heats up on the skin and then has a cooling effect

  • Great for a foot massage or shoulder massage

  • Keep in your gym bag and use after a workout for a refreshing scent and pleasant cooling sensation

  • Have you ever used things like Tiger Balm, Deep Heat, Dancorub or Voltaran? This is a natural alternative.

15 RC.jpg


  • Respiratory comfort

  • Make your own chest rub using this oil by adding one drop to a drop of carrier oil and applying to chest, neck and/or throat

  • Opens airways! It's great to rub on your chest before a work out to help take those deep breaths

  • Diffuse at bedtime for a comforting aroma

  • Boosts immunity from the inside out, helps your cells fight away nasties.

  • Improves wellness through winter



  • Helps to purify the air and cleanse your home

  • Add two drops to a wet cloth and put in clothes dryer to refresh stale, wet laundry

  • It targets bad bacteria. Add a drop to a cotton ball and place in the bottom of the rubbish bin or nappy bin to neutralise odours

  • Great spot treatment for unwanted friends on your face

  • Add a few drops in a spray bottle with a few drops of peppermint, some witch hazel and fill up with water to naturally keep bugs and bites away! A healthy alternative to the toxic sprays on the market.

17 THIEVES.jpg


  • Thieves is the most wonderful thing you can do for your immune system. It builds old, strong immunity like nothing else. This is your ultimate wellness warrior.

  • Add a few drops to the diffuser to help purify the air and support your immune system

  • It nourishes your cells, protecting them from nasties

  • Dilute with some carrier oil (V6 or coconut oil) and roll under feet daily to help those oils protect and support your immune system as you take on the day

  • Can also be added to a drop of honey or in your tea when you feel under the weather



  • A vacation in a bottle (can help with anxious feelings)

  • Helps with every-day stresses, the niggly little ones that build up until they explode. Stress Away stops the explosion!

  • A drop in your hand cupped over your nose when you are feeling overwhelmed

  • Supports a healthy mind and good focus

  • Give your emotion centre a break – sniff that stress away right from the bottle

This was the first Young Living oil I ever tried, it's now one that I can't live with out.

19 Ningxia Red.jpg

Are you always picking up what's going around? Do you feel under the whether? This drink is the boost of antioxidants that you need.

Ningxia Red is a wholefood drink that contains the Ningxia Wolfberry (as well as other antioxidant rich fruits). This berry (which is a goji berry that is grown in Northern China) has the highest ORAC score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of any other wholefood. It comes in at 25,000, with blueberries rating only 2,400.

This means that the Ningxia wolfberry can absorb free radicals that attack the body better than all other antioxidants in the world.

Studies have shown that this fruit can increase white blood cells, relieve hypertension, and display an insulin-like action to promote blood sugar reduction.

Ningxia Red is also a great source of vitamins and minerals - if you aren't great at getting in all those fruits and veggies (and even if you are!) this is just 30-60mls per day and you are good to go!

It boasts 21 trace minerals, phytonutrients to support our body functions each day and 500x the amount of Vitamin C than oranges!

You will get 2 of these amazing little sachets in your starter kit to try. Throw them in the fridge and enjoy one in the morning or during your afternoon slump.

20 Diffusers.jpg

You may have seen diffusers in the stores and although they claim to be the same, not all diffusers are created equal.

What sets Young Living's apart is that they are also act as a humidifier, atomiser, and aroma diffuser in one.

Young Living diffusers have ultrasonic technology which breaks any mixture of essential oils and water into millions of micro-particles, disperses them into the air, and releases the constituents found in Young Living essential oils.

In tune, we can breathe in that beautiful aroma and have it start to work within our bodies as well as making our home smell beautiful.

When you grab your Starter Kit you will have a choice of a few diffusers depending on where you are in the world. It really depends on what look you are wanting (whether it's going to be in the bedroom to help you or your children have a restful sleep, or in the lounge room to encourage a peaceful/welcoming atmosphere).


If you are like me you want to make sure your home is clean and safe from harmful bacteria. I've always avoided typical chemical cleaning products, but I didn't realise that the 'natural' alternatives I was using were either just as bad, or simply weren't powerful enough to properly clean.

Thieves Household cleaner is not only non-toxic, but it actually works! It is 100% plant and mineral based and is safe for your family (so safe you can drink it!)

This one concentrate cleans everything in our home, which means not only are we protecting our family from the chemicals in grocery store cleaners that have been linked to hormonal imbalances, skin issues, respiratory issues as well as many more seriously life threatening diseases - but we are actually supporting our immune systems by using Thieves.

Thieves oil is made up of a blend of immune supportive plants (clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary), and this blend has been added to the cleaner, that not only cuts through grease but also leaves your home smelling homey and welcoming.

Thieves Household Cleaner means you can throw out every other bottle under your kitchen, laundry and bathroom sink.

I use it for the following things;

  • mopping the floor

  • windows 

  • glass

  • mirrors

  • basins and sinks

  • bath and shower

  • surfaces and bench tops

  • jewellery 

  • toilet

  • fruit and veggie soak 

  • stain remover 

  • add to washing to freshen

  • make your own dish washing powder 

  • and more!

This is my favourite thing to tell people about after the Starter Kit because it really does change the way you live and how you clean your home.

One bottle of Thieves Household cleaner dilutes into 40 500ml bottles, which equals just .95c per bottle! There is no other cleaner on the market that comes in at that cost - let alone a natural one!

22 More than oils.jpg

Young Living is not just about oils!

Although Young Living did start as an essential oil company they have now grown and emcompass so much more. Young Living is focussed on providing completely clean products that will not harm you or your families that are infused with the healing powers of plants.

Having oil infused products means that we can get the benefits of essential oils throughout the day (not just when we apply an oil from the bottle). It also means we aren't cleaning our homes, bathing our children or painting our faces with toxic chemicals.

Some of the products Young Living has as well as the largest range of essential oils and blend of any other company are:

  • Cleaning products (we clean our entire home using one concentrated product - Thieves Household Cleaner)

  • Savvy Mineral Make up

  • Seedling's Baby line (wipes, diaper cream, shampoo etc)

  • Supplements (multivitamins, probiotics, hormone support, heart health etc) 

  • Pet care

  • Beauty and Personal care (face wash, creams, toners etc)

  • Dental care (mouthwash, toothpaste for adults and children - all fluoride free)

  • Healthy cooking (culinary oils used to flavour foods/drink)

  • Bath and body (body wash, soap, body moisturiser)

Check out the product guide below if you’d like to see more!…/…/productguide_sept2018


Essential Rewards is the Young Living Loyalty Program. It is completely optional but it’s the way I and most people I know get their products. It’s a loyalty program like any other – except it’s WAY BETTER! You get to buy whatever Young Living products you want each month, and Young Living rewards you for it. Are you detoxing your bathroom one month? Maybe you want to swap out your makeup for non-toxic alternatives? Maybe you just need some super relaxing, grounding, happy oils!

You Earn Points Back Each Month:
Months 1 - 3: 10% back
Months 4 - 24: 20% back
Months 25+: 25% back!

You Earn Loyalty Gifts:
At months 3, 6, 9, & 12 you’ll receive a free oil just because Young Living wants to reward you. The oil at month 12 is an exclusive oil called “Loyalty” which you cannot buy, you have to be loyal to get that one 😉

- Reduced Shipping
- Exclusive Freebies
- You are never locked in, you can cancel or skip months whenever you like.

If you’re already a member, talk to the person you joined under for more information or send me a message.


If you're ready to jump in and bring essential oils into your life, I'd love to help you get started. All of the oils I've mentioned today come in the Premium Starter Kit, which you get get today for 50% off.

In Australia the kit is $259 (over $520 value) and it contains some incredibly rare oils, life changing oils. I've purchased the starter kit over and over again because the value is so incredible.

One of the most wonderful parts about signing up into our team is the amazing community that you are also gifted with. You will be connected to amazing men and women who are on the same path as you towards changing their health and the health of the family.

If you're ready to get one for yourself, send me a message using the form below and I'll message you right away to help you get started.

It’s as simple as that and you are part of this awesome community enjoying wholesale prices on all other Young Living products forever (no membership fees).

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