I never, ever thought I would be involved in a multi-level marketing structure.

If you’d asked me two years ago how I felt about MLM’s I would have had some very choice words for you - I’m very expressive. But now I would never want to be involved in any other business structure or career. Period.

The truth is that I never set out to do this, I’m a natural leader and love sharing with people, but I’m not a sales person. I started sharing Young Living because I had too. I need to get these oils onto everyone I love. I needed them to get themselves a starter kit and swap out their cleaning products. I needed them to get the toxic skincare and make up off of their face. That was a calling, not a sale.

The business side of Young Living flowed in naturally, and almost every person in the company that I’ve spoken too has said the same thing. Once you feel the products, you can’t help but shout their praise and share them with everyone you can. Much like if you found the most incredible, body hugging jeans, you would tell your friends how amazing they were and persuade them to get their asses to the store to try them on - you’d be letting your friends down if you didn’t, right?

That’s what Young Living is to me and everyone in my team. We need to share, we need to promote. I can cross my heart and say that I would still be sharing just as hard and just as often if there was no money in it. That is the truth.

But here’s the beauty of it all, you can make a business out of sharing products that change your life. You can create an income by bringing health to families. You can make residual income just because you buy natural household cleaner and fill your medicine cabinet with oils.

I’ve been using Young Living products for a long time, but I only started actively sharing in April 2019. It’s been six months since then, do you want to know what I did with my monthly Young Living Paycheck this month?

  • I filled my refrigerator with organic produce

  • I paid my electricity bill

  • I took my partner out for a ‘spoil-yourself’ dinner

  • I placed my next Young Living order

  • I paid off one of my medical bills

  • I put money into savings

Guys - that’s a lot of money. I don’t have a massive team, I’m not at a high rank in the company, I don’t host classes every weekend or spend hours a day in front of a computer. I don’t cold-call or stock my garage with products I don’t need because I have a ‘sales target’. I simply share and educate, the rest comes naturally.

I can truthfully say that I have never purchased a single Young Living product that I didn’t need or want. I have never recommended a product that I don’t like and I have never forced a sale just to get commission. We don’t do that in this company.

So, onto the real reason why you’re here; you want in.

I want to hold your hand, walk you through the business, help you change your families lives - not just by using Young Living products, but by filling your pockets with real money. I want to help you pay off your debts, to pay for your kids education in full, to get rid of your mortgage, to travel while still earning money, to never, ever have to go without something just because the money might run out.

I want to run with you.

Let’s have a real conversation and discover how this business can change your life.

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I’ll be in touch xx