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One minute I'm on Twitter comparing essential oil pedlers to door-to-door salesmen, the next minute I'm one of them. Let me explain. 

If you've followed me for any amount of time you will be very aware that living a healthy lifestyle in all facets is a big part of my life. I eat more veggies than anyone else I know, I've never purchased a supermarket household cleaner and I value eco-living to a fault. I actively and intentionally lived a non-carcinogenic lifestyle.

Then I got cancer. Two cancers, actually. 

After I received my diagnosis I went home and cleaned the dishes (because what else would you do after life-changing news) and while I was cleaning them I noticed that on the back of the bottle of the dishwashing detergent there was a poison warning. This was a bottle of detergent that I purchased at a health food store. I looked at my hands in the water and the dishes I was about to eat off of and couldn't shake the feeling that if this was a healthy dishwashing detergent, why would there be a poison warning on the bottle?

I disregarded the issue and went and had a shower, washing my body with soap that I purchased from an eco-friendly charity company. Out of curiosity I checked for a poison warning and was happy to find that there wasn't one. After I finished my shower I started reading the ingredients on the back of the body wash and then I started googling them. One of them was a level 9 carcinogen with endocrine (thyroid) disruptors that had also been linked to reproductive disorders.

Fast forward 24 hours of me googling every ingredient on the back of every cleaning, skin care and make up product and immediately throwing them away. I was a sobbing mess on the floor (with no make up left to cover my puffy eyes - it was all toxic). 

I wouldn't go as far as to say that these products caused my cancer but it goes without saying that this diagnosis shook me to my core and my lifestyle went into a complete overhaul.

I fell into a deep spiral of research. I found two major skin care and cosmetics companies that settled massive lawsuits out of court when masses of people came foward with evidence that their products had caused them irreversable harm. I found a baby product giant that openly admitted to knowing that their products contained carcinogenic (cancer causing) ingredients but had no intention on removing them as they believed that they were a 'safe quantity'. I found a major vitamin company who settled out of court after groups of women claimed that their vitamins had caused infertility or miscarriage. 

I wanted no part of this. Not for me, not for my family and not for the people I love. 

A friend offered me a sample of Thieves Household cleaner from Young Living. I googled every ingredient and everything came back perfectly clean so I graciously accepted it. 

Not only did this cleaner work better than any other cleaner I'd ever used, but I also started researching the essential oils it contained. Not only was this cleaner cleansing my house with completely natural, non-toxic ingredients, but it was actually boosting my immunity at the same time. I challenge you to name one other cleaner that actually increases your immunity just by using it. 

I suddenly fell deep into a pool of research (I had cancer and time off work - I had many hours to kill every day). Not only was I absolutely floored by the peer-reviewed, medical studies on Young Living essential oils, especially Frankincence, but I was shocked by the stories of healing that people I chatted with had told me along the way. 

Within a week of starting research, I purchased the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and everything fell into place. 

I've always dabbled in essential oils but they were never anything more than something that just smelt nice in my house. I know now that this is because I wasn't using Young Living oils - the only company that upholds incredibly strict saftey tests, the only company that owns their own farms, the only company that has stories of people surviving ailments that they shouldn't have survived. 

I've been told that I turned to essential oils out of desperation and that what I feel is placebo. I refer them to MRI scans, CT scans and no more prescription medications. I refer them to my sceptic partner rubbing essential oils on his neck and looking at me with shocked eyes when he can move his shoulder without pain. I challenge them to ask me about curing an 'uncurable' disease. I ask them to watch me walk without pain, something I haven't been able to do since I was 17 years old. I talk to them about my enhanced mental clarity and state of calm that I haven't felt before. I challenge them to ask me how I treat my 'untreatable' chronic conditions that I was left with after surgery.

I ask them to watch my family live the healthiest life that we possibly can and let them know that this is here for them too. 

Got questions? I'm certain that you do. 

I want to share this life with you.

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