How's that for an eye catching title! Fortunately for you, it's not click-bait. Your perfume is making you sick, here's why:

One in three Australians report adverse health effects from fragranced products, according to a study conducted by the University of Melbourne. These adverse health effects include, but aren't limited too, migraine headaches, breathing problems, asthma attacks and skin irritation. The researchers in the Melbourne study advised: Some people have immediate, severe and disabling health effects. But the effects can be very subtle and insidious and people may not realise they’re being affected until it’s too late.

The part of the study that really peaked my interest was that over 70% of participants were not aware that fragranced products emitted hazardous air pollutants, this is a problem.

As a woman who has suffered serious health complications as a result of fragrance, I feel like it's my responsibility to make sure and you and your friends are completely aware of what you are doing to your body when you are exposed to fragrance. I'm talking perfume, air fresheners, candles, cleaning products and personal care products.

The Power of Self-Regulation

It's no secret that fragrance is a level 10 cancer-causing carcinogen, the highest there is on the carcinogenic scale. They contain hazardous pollutants including formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, which are banned in all other human-contact products, but not in fragrance. Why? Because the fragrance industry is self-regulating. There is no formal regulating body, which means they they can literally do anything they want and use any ingredient they want. They aren't monitored.

Phythalates and Hormones

More than 75% of perfumed products use Phthalates to extend the reach and life of the smell. Phthalates have been continuously linked to endocrine and hormone disruption, which in turn cause serious health issues. I'm talking fertility issues, diabetes, obesity, early puberty, cancers and thyroid irregulation - basically every disease that effects the way your hormones work in your body.

Fragrance, fragrant, parfum, perfume.

This is a code name for around 14 secret chemicals that aren't listed on the label. About 80% of these unlabelled chemicals aren't being tested for human safety. Again, because there is no enforcing body telling them to. The fragrance industry is self-regulated. They call this chemical cocktail either fragrance, fragrant, parfum or perfume. This keeps you in the dark on what is actually inside your product because you would be horrified.

Goodbye Immunity

Exposure to chemicals contained in perfume can cause serious, sometimes irreversible damage to your immune system. Your skin is your largest organ, anything it absorbs is in your blood stream within 20 seconds. Within 2 minutes it can be found in the brain and after 20 minutes it has touched every cell in your entire body. Your immune system is left weak and unable to protect your body because you are polluting it.

Hello Skin Allergies

Perfume is the primary cause of all skin issues but this isn't an allergic reaction, it's a immunity compromise. Your skin doesn't know what do to with fragrance when you come in contact with it, but your immune system recognises it as dangerous so it tries to kill it. This appears as acne, exzema, dermatitis and so many other skin issues.

You think your fragrance is natural?

Wrong. This comes back to 'self-regulation', they can write natural, organic, plant-based, non-toxic, or any other word they choose too. There is no regulating body that tells them not to do it. If you do not know the source of your 'fragrance' and the company chooses not to disclose it, then it is not safe. Even 'essential oils', which are immediately regarded as 'natural' don't have a regulating body. They can say '100% pure' and be 100% lying. No one is there to stop them.

So how do I smell good without fragrance?

First, ditch any product that lists the words fragrance, fragrant, parfum or perfume. They are toxic without doubt. Then look at your products that say 'natural fragrance' it should provide an origin. If it doesn't, and you don't want to ditch it, contact the company. If they purchased the 'natural fragrance' from a reputable seller, they will be able to tell you the origin right down to where the plant was grown. If they can't, then it's not a natural fragrance.

That sounds like too much work.

Yep, it is. That's why I stick to the only essential oils on the planet that can verify the origin of every single plant. There are a lot of essential oil options but Young Living is the only company who can vouch for every drop of their oil. They produce every essential oil themselves, they do not buy from brokers, they do not use fillers. They publish their saftey tests and if an oil fails a safety test, they dispose of it. They oversee the entire process from planting the seed, to sealing the cap on the bottle of oil. When a medical trial or clinical study is conducted with essential oils, they use Young Living, because they are the only company that produces 100% pure, therapeudic grade essential oils.

Do your research before buying fragrance, what do you really know about it? Do you think it’s safe to use?