2018 brought us tumeric lattes, the rise of the keto diet, more vegans than you could throw a stick at, medicinal mushrooms and coconut used in every way you could possibly imagine. We're always on the look out for new trends that could give us a health boost, so to keep you ahead of the game I'm letting you in on the trends that are going to skyrocket in 2019. 

The Fermented Face
We all know about good bacteria for the gut, but good skin bacteria is about to boom! Think kombucha toners, fermented face masks and compost cleansers. The balance of good bacteria is essential for a healthy body and considering that we absorb everything we put onto our skin it's not too far fetched that we're going to see a new way to get good bacteria into our digestive system. 
Yay or nay? Look, I'm all for good gut health. Fermented skin care products won't harm you, but there are much more efficient ways to balance the bacteria in your body. 

Essential Oils
The essential oil boom slowly grew through 2017-2018, but as more and more information comes to light about what real essential oils can do, we're going to see a massive rise in popularity that isn't going to slow down any time soon, if ever. Now that essential oils are being incorporated into medical studies and clinical trials, we're only going to become more and more excited by them. 
Yay or nay? Yay all the way. I have first hand experience in healing ailments with essential oils. The only concern is where the oils are coming from. Almost all medical studies use Young Living essential oils because they are the only company that can vouch for the origin of the oil. I don't recommend using any other brand. 

At Home Mental Health Relief
I am calling it now - weighted blankets will be among the top christmas gifts in 2019. There will be a massive rise in people taking mental health into their own hands. From online therapists, the rise in meditation practice and the formentined essential oils, we are becoming more and more aware of imbalances in our brains. 
Yay or nay? I say a big yay to all self care, but as always, consult a professional if you feel that something's not quite right. 

Derived from hemp, CBD is the non-psychoactive component of cannibis. It contains no THC (the compound that gets you high) so it's perfectly safe to take on a regular basis. There is research that backs it's ability to help with anxiety, PTSD, depression and pain. Millions of dollars of medical research is being poured into CBD oil currently and it's going to go off with a bang in 2019. You, your mum and your grandma are going to be taking it. Science is still catching up with CBD availability, but trust me, it's coming. 
Yay or nay? I'm a massive supporter of CBD and am incredibly excited by the testimonials I hear every day.

Drinking collagen
Collagen supplements are drived from animal skin and bones and consuming it is said to improve skin elasticity, repair nails and reduce joint pain. Bone broth, marine collagen powder and collagen boosted protein powders are going to be available in even conventional supermarkets this year, proving that this new trend isn't going anywhere. 
Yay or nay? I'm going to pass on this one. There's not enough research to prove that our bodies can even absorb collagen in this form, which means you're probably just eliminating it the way you do all your other food. Instead, you’re better off eating more foods that boost your natural collagen production, such as foods that are high in Zinc, Vitamin C, Copper and healthy fats.

Infared Saunas
Unlike traditional steam saunas, infared saunas heat you from the inside out. This means that you can sit at a much lower, more comfortable temperature while seeing better results than a steam sauna. The purpose of a sauna is to create a fever in the body that toxicity can't survive in, much like how our bodies create a natural fever when we're unwell, it's killing off the things that are making us sick.
Yay or nay? Infared light poses no health risk and studies have shown a decrease in toxicity in the gut after using an Infared Sauna. A sauna is classified as a physical activity because it encourages metabolisation so it's important that you’re not jumping in without preparing your body. You need to be well hydrated and have a good understanding of your limits but if you’re paying close attention to those two things, you’re good to go!

Bee Pollen
This pollen is a mix of flower pollen, nectar, honey, wax and bee secretions. It's a natural by product of honey production that bees leave behind when they transfer honey to each other. It has a good level of antioxidents and some antibacterial properties, much like honey. It's been around for years, I remember using it in smoothies back in 2010. 
Yay or nay? If you suffer from hayfever or seasonal allergies, you might want to approach this one with caution as it contains the same allergens as any other pollen. The micro-nutrients are in such small doses that you would need to eat a lot of it to find much of a benefit. It's pretty on a smoothie bowl but a spoonfull of honey would give you a much larger dose of micronutrients. 

Rainbow Lattes
Tumeric lattes really hit their peak in 2018 and are about to be taken over by chlorophyll, spirulina, charcoal and beetroot. All of these ingredients have health benefits of their own and we're about to start switching our afternoon coffee for one of these healthy treats. 
Yay or nay? The look of these pretty lattes is definitely instagram worthy, and if you're combining them with a fortified plant milk then you're going to be getting a decent level of nutrients. I'll be sticking with my morning cappuccino but by all means, dive in to a superfood latte.