If you're new here, hi! I'm Rebecca, and I used to be a high-end beauty blogger. Not just a beauty blogger, but an overwhelmed, underpaid, high end make-up addict. I had drawers exploding with every brand of make up you could imagine, when a new mascara or foundation was released, I was either sent it by the brand or I purchased it myself. My wardrobe looked like a mini Nordstrom beauty floor.

I stopped writing about beauty products when I realised how damaging they were, not just to my bank account but to my health as well. Anything that touches your skin will enter your blood stream within 20 seconds, and some make up products have the same chemicals in them as petrol and weed killer.

When I ditched toxic make up, it took me years to find the same quality products without the awful ingredients. The synthetic fillers and chemical compounds in toxic make up are what make it wear nicely on the skin, last all day and preserve its ingredients.

The reason I tell you this is to make sure you understand that I know make up. I know quality. My expectations on what make up does and how it performs is incredibly high. I don't sacrifice quality for clean when it comes to choosing make up.

After a solid 5 years of buying (and returning), experimenting and learning, I've found products that are not only clean and healthy for you, but they perform just as well as their toxic, high-end distant cousins.

Here are the top 5 clean and natural make up products that I can't live without. They're all cruelty free and vegan as a bonus!

Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation

I am PICKY with foundations. I want my skin to look even toned, natural and never cakey. On the other hand, I also work 10 hour days and need my foundation to last. I look for medium, buildable coverage, a satin finish and 12 hour staying power. This one ticks all the boxes. The shade range is limited, I mix the lightest two shades together to create the perfect tone.

Young Living Bronzer

I have incredibly fair skin so finding a bronzer that looks natural and blends in well is almost impossible. Young Living take the cake here. The bronzer comes in two shades (I wear the lightest one) and it blends so cleanly into the skin that it makes your contour look like you naturally have perfect bone structure. It has an incredible, subtle glow and warms the skin like no other.

Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick

Lipsticks are one of the most toxic beauty products you can buy and you wear them on your mouth! I have very full lips that can become dry easily, I like a lipstick that's creamy, moisturing and nourishing to the lips. This one wears very nicely for about 3-4 hours before it needs a reapplication, but I'm willing to trade a little staying power for something more nourishing and hydrating. The shade Cocktail is my daily lip colour and I get an obscene amount of compliments on it, it's starting to give me a big head.

100% Pure Green Tea Fibre Brow Builder

I'm someone who loves a good, perfectly shaped eye brow, but I am 100% not someone who's going to spend 10 minutes every morning creating the look. This brow gel applies with a tiny mascara wand that you can brush through your brows. The tiny fibres attach to your natural brow and the tinted gel builds their colour and lushiousness. Your brows end up polished and defined and the nourishing formula also helps your brows grow.

Young Living Blush

I love a natural flush to my skin. I want a glow and tint to bring me to life. This blush does just that, it brightens your complexion and adds dimention to your bone structure. It has a gentle glow, it stays all day and is sits so beautifully on the skin, you can't tell it's a powder. I absolutely adore this blush, it brings me immense joy.

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