Welcome to the first post in the new Organisation Series! I put out a call on Instagram for suggestions on what you want to read about and the request for ways to live a more organised life was abundant! There is so much to cover on the topic of organisation so I want to start off with a few quick tips to get you started.

Organising your home is overwhelming when you’re starting from the beginning. Figuring out where to start is almost impossible. I want to hold your hand over the next few weeks and bring our lives into peak organisation.

I’m not going to show you how to get a ‘Pinterest Pantry’, because I’ve had one and they last a week. I’m not going to tell you to throw away all of your belongings, because I’m realistic and I know you won’t do it. I'm also not about to tell you to spend all of your savings on expensive containers and shelving, I’m on a budget here, just like you. Instead I’m going to give you affordable, practical, step-by-step lessons to take your organisation to the next level.

We’re starting with cleaning, because there is no point wasting time organising things that either don’t have a home or you don’t need in your house. We’re creating habits that will keep our organised life maintainable.

Here are five tips that you can put into practice today to introduce yourself to a more organised life.

Parkinsons Law

If you've never heard of Parkinsons Law, it's a basic principal that states that the work you have to do expands to take up the amount of time you allocate to it. If you give yourself a day to complete a task, it will take the entire day. If you give yourself five minutes, it will take five minutes. I apply this principal to cleaning. I assess what needs to be done, give myself an allocated time to do it in, and then I do it. It takes one minute to clear a dining room table that's become a landing place to everyone's junk. It takes 3 minutes to make the bed, pick up laundry and clear the bedside table. You don't have to spend hours cleaning, just a few spurts of Parkinsons Law each day will keep your house organised. We all have 5 minutes to spare - use them.

Everything needs a home

You can't possibly put something away when it doesn't have place to go. If you own something, you must own it for a reason so give it a home. This process can take time but it's also a great opportunity to assess your belongings and determine whether or not something is truely useful or joyful to you. We have a habit of collecting things we no longer need and just 'putting it somewhere'. All of a sudden your house is cluttered and no where has a designated home. Start with one room at a time, cleanse it, evaluate whether or not it serves you, then either get rid of it or give everything a place to live.

The One Touch Method

Your house gets messy when you don't put things away, right? Once you have a home for every item you have it's easy to put things where they belong. I only touch everything once, I pick it up, I put it away. I don't move items around my house to put away later. If you put something where it doesn't go, you're just going to have to put it where it does go later. Don't create extra work for yourself, put it away the first time you touch it.

You're allowed a Junk Drawer

Even when you’re using the One Touch Method, no-one is perfect. A junk draw is your 'I'll do it later' landing place. The key though is that you only have one junk drawer and when it's full, it's time to sort it out. Give yourself a rule that if you take something out of the junk drawer, you put it back where it actually goes. Your junk drawer isn't a home for your belongings, it is simply a halfway point for those times when you really need to dump everything somewhere.

Admire your results

When you’re bustling around you home and you notice that the coffee table in your living room is tidy or you wake up in the morning and remember that you washed the dishes last night so you don’t need to do them in the morning, give yourself the admiration you deserve. Appreciate yourself and the work you put into keeping a nice home. Congratulate yourself because your spices have been put back into their rightful place, pat yourself on the back for making your bed in the morning. Organising and tidying can be tedious, especially when you’re cleaning up after other people and not just yourself. Admiring yourself for the effort you’ve put in keeps you motivated. You should be proud.