I'm a savvy spender, I love a bargain and you'll rarely find me paying retail. If I buy a $2 pen and it doesn't work, I will take it back. I work hard for the money I earn and in my household, money waste isn't allowed.

However, I am a big advocate for treating yourself and also spending money wisely. Finding the balance between saving and splurging is what keeps me on track with my savings. If I cut out all of the little things I enjoy, I end up spending more money on useless items. Conciously spending money on 'treat' items removes the money guilt and won't impact your financial stability.

Keep reading for the 5 things I always splurge on, and then develop and little list of your own.

Toilet paper

Yep. I'm going there. Crap toilet paper feels, well, crap. Even my Costco card doesn't tempt me to buy 50 rolls for $15. I'm also concious of waste production in pesky toilet paper plastic. Your behind deserves to be treated with kindess, not sandpaper. Personally I use Who Gives A Crap* toilet paper and love that 50% their profits go to charity. The toilet paper arrives packaged in paper and cardboard (no plastic!) and it feels oh-so-luxurious.


A general, rough rule with purchasing electronics is that the less you spend, the more you pay. Let me explain. For large household items, like a refrigerator or a washing machine, the less you spend, the lower your energy rating is likely to be. This will give you a higher electricity bill and that's strike one. Secondly, cost of the item will commonly reflect the quality of the item. If a cheap washing machine lasts 5 years, but a maching that costs 25% more lasts 10 years, if you buy the cheap one you'll be forking out more cash sooner than you should have too. I follow the same rule of thumb for smaller applicances. Don't get me wrong, I'm not spending $300 on a toaster, but buying a reliable, trusted brand at a decent price will end up saving you money in the long run.


You spend approximately 30% of your life with your head on a pillow - treat your neck, shoulders, spine and hips right by making it a good one. It's far too tempting to pick up a pack of two pillows that 'don't feel that bad' from Kmart, only to have a sore neck (that you never blame on the pillow) and a grungy pillow that you throw away a year later. Fork out that cash, throw $70-$100 onto a hypoalergenic, top quality pillow that you can keep for years and, almost by magic, that neck pain will disepate.


I flat out refuse to drink instant coffee. Coffee is a treat for me. I don't drink it every day, once or twice a week is enough, but when I have it I savour it. I love good coffee, I value it, I sip it slowly and treasure it. That's an intense reaction to coffee, I know.

Skin and hair care

While my beauty budget these days is less than 10% of what it used to be, I still stick to my tried-and-true skin and haircare favourites. While I don't spend big on all items (coconut oil is my go-to make up remover and body moisturiser) and I have sourced discounts on most items (I am a savvy shopper, after all) I still spend more than you'd expect my hair and skin. No regrets.