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Whenever I mention gut health, people start flinching and trying to change the topic. I think it's because the word 'gut' sounds kind of abrupt and gross, but I promise you, it's necessary.

Your wellbeing starts in your gut and maintaining healthy guy flora is essential to your over-all health, but what if you don't know the state of your gut health? Here are 5 signs that your gut health is failing you, see my previous post for 5 ways to improve your gut health.

1. Lethargy

If you're having trouble focusing or feel foggy after a meal and would rather just have a nap, there's a good chance that your gut flora is out of balance.

2. Constant 'semi-colds'

Do you constantantly feel like you have a cold coming on? Maybe it turns into a cold sometimes but it never really goes away? Good news, it's not you, it's your gut! Bad gut health comprimises our immune system like nobody's business.

3. Lifeless skin or spouts of acne.

What happens on the inside shows on the outside, if your skin is dull or you start sprouting acne for no reason, there's a good chance that your gut needs a little TLC.

4. Low sex drive

This one is linked to lethargy, but if your brain is feeling lazy, there's a good chance that the rest of your, ahem, organs, are too. Poor gut health can lower testosterone in men which comes with a variety of concerns. Boost your healthy gut bacteria and your bedroom mastery at the same time.

5. IBS

Irriable bowel syndrome can be caused by many things, but poor gut health is one of the most common causes. Your gut health affects your digestion, it's no surprise that an unhappy gut causes an unhappy bowel.

Now that you've identified the state of your gut (you should be used to the word by now) it's time to fix it, click here for 5 easy ways to improve your gut health.