Your gut is the centre point of your overall well being. Your gut flora comprises roughly 80% of your immune system, as well as regulating your metabolism, protecting you against infection and helps your digestive system function. Your gut is full of good bacteria but some times the scales can tip and your bad bacteria starts to kill off the good.

You want to make sure that your healthy bacteria always out-weighs any bad bacteria that lingers in your body. Here are 5 easy ways to give your gut a little love:

1. Increase your pre and pro-biotics

Kombucha and other fermented foods, such as sauerkraut and sour-dough bread, are rich in pro-biotics and are the best way to balance your gut bacteria. You can also take them in supplement form if fermented foods aren't for you. I drink Remedy Kombucha (half a bottle) most days and regularly supplement with products from The Beauty Chef.

2. Avoid unnecessary antibiotic use

Antibiotics have a rightful place in modern medicine, they are efficient and helpful in curing bacterial disease. However, that's all they're good for, bacterial disease. It's all too common that patients are prescribed or ask for antibiotics for things as simple as a common cold. The other downside is that the more you use antibiotics, the less effective they may be when you actually need them. Antibiotics kill the bad bacteria in your gut, but they also take out the good bacteria too. Take antibiotics only when necessary and always them follow with a good dose of pro-biotics.

3. Feed your healthy gut bacteria

Bacteria is alive and just like with any living being, it needs to eat. Healthy bacteria loves to eat fibre and it's a bonus that fibre is the least favourite food of bad bacteria. Eating a variety of high fibre foods builds gut bacteria diversity and promotes healthy bacteria growth. I try to include vegetables, nuts and whole grains in every meal to alkalize my body and feed the good bacteria.

4. Eat anti-inflammatory foods

Inflammation in the gut will rapidly kill any healthy bacteria you've stored. Leafy green vegetables are great for your gut but I know we're not all eating heads of lettuce every day. Celery, beetroot and berries and pineapples are also great anti-inflammatory foods. Nuts and seeds, particularly walnuts, chia seeds and flax seeds help treat inflammation.

5. Open your windows

Sunlight and fresh air are antibacterial and help to kill any nasty bacteria in your house. Open your blinds in the morning and keep your windows open during the day when you're home (weather permitting). Let the fresh air flow through your home and cleanse your living space. The bacteria you live in is the bacteria you ingest.