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Hey, I'm Rebecca.

Rebecca Life is designed to inspire a healthy life. Not just in regard to food, but also your mind, body and outlook. This is a cumulation of everything I want you to know. Everything I've learnt and need to share with you. I am a dedicated researcher, if there's something to know then I want to be your resource. I've built a following by being in front of the trend, by having the answers, by reaching out to you and helping you build your healthy life. 

A bit about what I'm about. 
I eat whole foods most of the time, plant based always.
Food waste is my enemy, I use the scraps, I eat the whole apple and I make good use of my freezer.
I talk about gut health. A lot. 
Living an eco-friendly life is important to me, this means not bringing plastic into my home and recycling what's unavoidable. I also avoid unnecessary chemicals. 
I meditate every day and practice yoga whenever I can.
You would probably call me a minimalist, I give away what I don't use and I don't buy what I don't need. Every item I own has a purpose and a place. 
I'm not an organic preacher. Organic is great if it's in your budget, but I won't actively promote it. 
I have no formal nutritional qualifications, except for a few short courses. My knowledge comes from over a decade of unbiased research but legally I need to tell you to see a doctor if you are unwell. 

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