Hey, I'm Rebecca.

Rebecca Life is designed to inspire a full, positive life. This is a cumulation of everything I want you to know. Everything I've learnt and need to share with you. I am a dedicated researcher, if there's something to know then I want to be your resource. I've built a following by being in front of the trend, by having the answers, by reaching out to you and helping you build your healthy life.

Rebecca Life is the type of website that I have always wanted to read. I've grown bored of 'lifestyle' blogs that only have one focus. This is a blog for your life, for your lifestyle. I want to open a conversation with you as if we're two friends having a meaningful conversation over coffee. Whether we're talking about nutrition, about money or about politics, I want you to be able to turn to Rebecca Life as your resource. If you want me to write about something, tell me, open the conversation. 

A bit about what I'm about. 

  • I eat whole foods most of the time, plant based always.
  • Food waste is my enemy, I use the scraps, I eat the broccoli stalk and I make good use of my freezer.
  • I talk about gut health. A lot. 
  • Living an eco-friendly life is important to me, this means not bringing plastic into my home and recycling what's unavoidable. I also avoid unnecessary chemicals. 
  • I meditate every day and practice yoga whenever I can.
  • You would probably call me a minimalist, I give away what I don't use and I don't buy what I don't need. Every item I own has a purpose and a place. 
  • I've crawled my way out of serious debt and am now a money and savings expert. If you need money advice, I'm your girl. 
  • I'm not an organic preacher. Organic is great if it's in your budget, but I won't actively promote it. 
  • I love a strong political conversation.

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